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Lets get your project going

Let's get your project going !

1. Initial Consultation (Free)

To start, we will schedule a call or teleconference to in order for the client and the managing administrator to introduce themselves, and for the managing administration to get to know the client, cover the details of their project, and overall to simply understand how to best meet their needs. 

2. Proposal

The details have been covered and the managing administrator understands how to best meet your needs, so now it is time to put it in writing. The managing administrator will write a concise plan of action in the form of a proposal for service, and present it to you for approval.


3. Contract and Invoice


If you are satisfied with the proposal, the business will commence at the time and date of signing of the contract, and during this exchange, your invoice will be sent to you via E-signatures by Adobe.

4. The Orange Light

The proposal has been signed and approved by you, and the invoice has been paid in full...let's get your project done!

        Let us do it for you.

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